Us 'Rooms Against Covid'

We are a group of more than 50 volunteers who organize themselves on the multiple fronts that this initiative requires, in order to build a quick and articulated response to this challenge, which is temporary and free resettlement to professionals who are fighting the progress of the pandemic in Portugal.

While many can fulfill prophylactic isolation and protect ourselves from COVID-19, professionals who are working to keep us safe and healthy cannot leave their posts. They are continually putting their lives on the line to protect ours.

We chose to help in what we can: staying at home and establishing a solidarity network.

The Rooms Against Covid initiative is part of the wider movement #Tech4Covid19, launched by 120 startups and different technology companies in Portugal in less than 48 hours. The team of 3000 professionals mobilized under a common objective: to unite in the development of technological solutions that help the population to overcome the challenge of COVID-19. ALEP - Association of Local Accommodation in Portugal also joined the movement and ensured its coordination.

This offer is exclusive for professionals who are working in the fight against COVID-19

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