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How does it work?

How do reservations are processed?
Step 1: Make a reservation: Search the Rooms Against COVID platform for accommodation suitable to your needs and choose the desired date and accommodation.
Step 2: Validate the reservation: you will receive a pre-booking email containing a form, under which you will have to present the respective accreditation (ballot or another professional identification document), confirm the performance of functions in the context of combat COVID-19 and substantiate the need for accommodation.
Step 3: Confirmation: Once the completed information is validated, both the accommodation and the professional will receive an email confirming the reservation, in which the contact details of both parties will be indicated (in order to confirm the details of the check-in and check-out or other information) and general guidelines that you should keep in mind.
Step 4: Check-in: Enter your accommodation.
Please confirm that these emails have been received in your inbox or, alternatively, whether they have been sent to the promotions, social, spam or another mailbox.


What are the costs borne by the professionals?
The professional's stay should be free of charge. In order to benefit from these guarantees, you must book the accommodation through the platform and ensure the respective details (for check-in, check-out, etc.) only after receiving the respective confirmation email.

What is included?
Only accommodation is included. All expenses arising from your stay, such as consumables (such as personal hygiene and cleaning products), food and other personal expenses, as well as any damage caused (proven, by the professional) to the accommodation, are the responsibility of the professional.

Are the accommodations only for professionals?
The accommodation provided is intended for professionals who are performing functions within the scope of the fight against COVID-19, a situation that will be proven by filling in the data related to the respective ID card or professional identification documents. the form sent in the pre-booking email.

How many can occupy the accommodation? 
According to the recommendations of the DGS in this regard, each accommodation should only be occupied by one person.

Booking, Changes & Cancellations

What is the minimum and maximum duration of each stay?
Each stay must have a minimum of 14 days and can, upon request by email, be extended beyond the reserved date - at the end of which 3 more days will be added, to guarantee the vacancy and final cleaning period. As mentioned, upon agreement between the parties, the booking terms may be extended by email request to, their validation is subject to the availability of the accommodation - which cannot be guaranteed by Rooms Against COVID.

How do I know that accommodation has been booked?
Once the completed information is validated, both the accommodation and the professional will receive a confirmation email, in which the contact details of both parties will be indicated (in order to confirm the details of the check-in and check-out or other information) and general instructions that should keep in mind.

What if I don't receive a booking confirmation e-mail?
After all, data has been validated, and if the reservation is made, it is possible that the e-mail you will receive with your contacts and those of the owner who will host it has gone not to your main inbox, but to the promotions, social, spam or another box.

What if I want to extend my stay?
Any change to the accommodation agreement must have the agreement responsible for the accommodation you are in.
The extension of the stay period must always be confirmed together with Rooms Against COVID (

Can I cancel a reservation whenever I no longer need it during my stay?
We appreciate that you consider the need for your stay to avoid unnecessary contacts.
If you do not need the accommodation, please contact Rooms Against COVID ( and indicate it so that we can release the accommodation to another health professional.

Why my reservation got canceled?
The most frequent reason for canceling reservations is the failure to verify health professionals within a reasonable time (24 hours).
In order to confirm the accommodation reservation, you must fill in the form sent with the pre-booking email and complete the validation process contained therein. When this process or the requirements for its validation are not met, the reservation may be canceled.
Cancellations may also occur if the accommodation is not available after all, give up the reservation or when other situations justify it.
The Rooms Against COVID team will try to keep you informed of the reason that led to the cancellation of your accommodation reservation. If the accommodation is not available, Rooms Against COVID will try to find other accommodation, with no guarantee of success.

Privacy & Confidentiality 

Shared personal data will be managed only by Rooms Against COVID. The details of our privacy policies can be seen here

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