Hygiene and Safety Guidelines

Within the scope of the project to provide accommodation to professionals directly involved in the fight against COVID-19, a set of measures was developed by the health authorities to respond to, and slow down, the spread of the virus.

This is a project that, due to the nature of the professionals involved, subject to continued exposure to infected patients, carries a greater risk of spread and contagion.

So we emphasize that the success of the measures indicated here depends entirely on its correct and judicious implementation by all those involved.

It is very important that each participant (responsible for the accommodation, the hosted health professional and cleaning professionals involved in the cleaning of the accommodation) apply all the indicated preventive measures.

Healthcare Professionals

- Clean the surfaces with which they interact (door handles, elevator buttons, light switches) so as not to spread the virus;

- Proceed with the daily treatment of waste, placing the garbage bag inside a second bag and depositing it in the ordinary garbage containers outside the building - never using the garbage ducts of buildings;

- Do not wear the clothes and shoes you wear on the street or in the performance of your duties inside the accommodation;

- Do not take anyone to the accommodation. The accommodation allows only 1 person, the professional housed;

- Remove all your belongings from the accommodation and collect all the garbage when checking out, so as not to put the next occupants or cleaning team at risk.

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